Monday, March 02, 2015

Shmuley's ad

The ad Shmuley Boteach put in the New York Times, likely paid for by Sheldon Adelson, continues to piss people off.

JPost: "The American Jewish Committee called it “revolting,” the Anti-Defamation League called it “spurious and perverse”, the Jewish Federations of North America called it “outrageous” and Josh Block, the president of The Israel Project, said it was “entirely inappropriate.” Also condemning it were the Orthodox Union, J Street, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative movement. In a combined statement, the leaders of the Reform movement’s various arms called it “grotesque,” “abhorrent” and a “sinister slur.”

See the IPF's response after the jump

If you missed it, the ad accuses a US ambassador of being soft on genocide and clearly was some misguided GOP thug's idea of payback for the ambassador's comments last week about Netanyahu's "destructive" decision to blow-up the US-Israel relationship in his pursuit of fame and power.

It's slightly off topic, but I do want to pause for a second to note that this trolling, slanderous, obnoxious advertisement was the work of someone who was using his own real name.

IPF Condemns Ad Attacking Susan Rice
March 1, 2015
Israel Policy Forum condemns the outrageous personal smear attacking National Security Advisor Susan Rice for having a “blind spot” for "genocide” in the full-page ad published in The New York Times on 

Jewish organizations from across the political and denominational spectrums have rightly spoken out against this absurd attack, published by “This World: The Values Network,” led by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.  Rabbi Boteach should be ashamed.  

Susan Rice has been an effective public servant and especially staunch advocate for U.S.-Israel relations and Israel’s security. We recall with pride her moving address to the Conference of President’s of Major American Jewish Organizations ​during the Gaza conflict this summer, and question how anyone could sincerely doubt her commitment to Israel’s security.  The unprecedented level of U.S.-Israel security cooperation is a hallmark of Ms. Rice's support. 

It is legitimate and important to debate the circumstances surrounding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address to Congress.  However, there should be no debate that this action by Rabbi Boteach is outside the limits of acceptable discourse.  

The increasingly heated and partisan debate surrounding Israel runs counter to the interests of all who support strong U.S.-Israel relations and Israel’s security.  It is regrettable that fringe groups have a disproportionate ability to affect the tone of that debate.

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