Thursday, March 26, 2015

Men Seder

Our friends at the Wall Street Journal seem to have just discovered that men like to drink alcohol in the company of other men. They are running a story today about a Congregation in Michigan that hosted a Man Seder complete with ribs and scotch. The purpose of the event was to draw men together to learn about Pesach and the Seder in a congenial atmosphere.

Capitalizing on base male instincts - yes, surprise:  we like meat, booze and hanging-out- for Jewish outreach purposes is certainly a good idea, but is it news? Is it a trend?

Moreover, and  though its only briefly eluded to in the article, I think the really interesting thing is how men tend to drop out of roles and occupations after women arrive and assert themselves. For examples, see the nursing and teaching professions, and the whole of heterodox Judaism.

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