Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cardinal in shul again

I see on the Interwebs that Cardinal Timothy Dolan was invited to preach in a shul* one Friday night last February. Naturally, I find this horrifying.

*Temple Emanuel, the Reform prayer house. Let's not quibble over my use of the word shul

Back in 2013 an Orthodox shul made the same mistake. What I said then, applies now and I repeat it here:

The Church is an anti-Semitic organization that subjected us to two-thousands years of suffering, while cultivating the soil of Europe for the Holocaust. To date, they haven't repudiated their anti-Semitic Popes, or their bulls or their encyclicals; in fact, the Church currently is in the process of beatifying one of these Jew hating popes. During the Holocaust, which, let's be clear, the Church helped cause and did precious little to prevent, churchmen stole Jewish children and, with the blessing of every subsequent Pope, refused to return the ones who had been baptized. But their representative should be welcomed into a shul on Shabbos and invited to preach?

In short: To allow a Cardinal to address a Jewish congregation on shabbos is demeaning. It demeans the shabbos. It demeans the sanctuary. It demeans the congregation. To celebrate it is a confession of insecurity and an act of obsequiousness. Until the Church renounces its shameful past, and completes a true and painful teshuva process, there's no reason for Jews to kiss the toes of St. Peter. The Church, by the grace of God, no longer has any power over us, and nothing to offer us. Self pride demands we remember that, and also what they did to us.

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