Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The new Charlie is perfect

The new Charlie Hebdo cover is perfect on so many levels

My checklist
  • Depicts Muhammad, which is important. Shows that the journal is uncowed. 
  • Separates Islam from the monsters who gunned down their co-workers
  • Suggests that authentic Islam sides with the newspaper, not the terrorists 
  • Takes the high road, absolving the prophet and his religion from the sins of the followers. 

Best of all the once financially  floundering paper has grown rich on sympathetic donations, and they plan to print 3 million copies of the new issue with its "offensive"  cover rather than the usual 60K. So nice works terrorist jackasses. Your plan has completely backfired. Charlie is stronger than ever and more people than ever before will see your prophets nose. 

  Search for more information about why this works so well at4torah.com

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