Thursday, January 29, 2015

Further evidence of RW braindamage

This is the sort of snappy statement that counts as learned discourse among our friends on the right. Unfortunately, it can't withstand even an instant of scrutiny. The fallacy: No one is "cool" with the "terror state spinning centrifuges" Everyone in the West opposes it!

And if we go a little deeper, we can see how this tweet reveals exactly what's bankrupt about the RW worldview. They actually believe that Obama is "cool" with Iran going nuclear, when in reality* he's forcefully stated the opposite on numerous occasions. But because the Obama plan for stopping Iran doesn't fulfil the warmongering wishes of the RW, these idiots have concluded that he's "cool" with Iran going nuclear.

*Once again, reality has a liberal bias

You can see the same brain-damaged reasoning at work in any discussion of Israel. According to the RW, opposing their plans and policies = being anti Israel. They simply are unable to process the fact that you can stand with Israel without standing with Bibi Netanyahu.

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