Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Agree or disagree?

The New York tourist market is massive and the eventual completion of American Dream Meadowlands will bring some of those tourists to New Jersey year round.

Spotted right here

Background: The Esplanade American Dream Meadowlands Magical Carpet Ride project is a Tony Soprano-sponsored boondoggle that is creating lots of construction jobs building an attraction no one will ever visit.

Or am I being too cruel?

I suppose the new mall might become as popular as, well, a Mall, but will it really steal tourists from Manhattan? Even the tourists with lousy taste who make poor spending decisions already have stuff in Manhattan like the Rodeo Clown Cafe to waste their money on,

The tragedy is the American Dream is owned by Jews (surprise) who despite being mega-wealthy have solid charitable reputations and are known to be Good People. (Their family name is Ghermazian)

 Search for more information about the Germahzians at 4torah.com

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