Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A fair point about offending Islam

The Arab MK has a fair point here...

ח"כ גנאים: "תקיפת האיסלאם - חופש ביטוי, תקיפת יהודים - אנטישמיות"
ח"כ גנאים: "תקיפת האיסלאם - חופש ביטוי, תקיפת יהודים - א...
ynet חדשות: כל העידכונים השוטפים ממערכת החדשות של ynet, דקה אחר דקה, 24 שעות ביממה ובלי הפסקה.
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Writes Mr. Fozzie:

If you struggle with Hebrew, what he's saying is that if someone prints a picture that is offensive to judaism, we call it anti-semitism (and then demand they don't print it anymore); however, if they print a picture that is offensive to Islam, then we invoke freedom of speech (and buy millions of copies)
The counter point, of course,  is that Jew demand it be withdrawn (which is OK) and don't shoot the staff (which isn't); as a result, the manner of the protest becomes the determinant of the response to the content

But that all comes after the fact.
Before the item is printed the publisher probably wont print anti semitic stuff because it's offensive, but might well publish anti-islamic stuff - because it's acceptable.
 Think he's right?

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