Thursday, March 06, 2014

Prayer Rally to News Media Directors Planned This Sunday

by @Azigra

The Hamodia is reporting on an upcoming prayer rally to be held this Sunday in the Wall Street area. I guess this means all that praying and street dancing by 600,000 Charedim in Israel didn't work? (There were in reality only 300,000 people in attendance, but a Ben Torah is as 'chashuv' as two people, hence the 600,000 number in charedi media sources.) 

Aside from the logo for this rally, which is a Torah scroll set behind what can pass as barbed wire and obviously meant to heinously evoke images of Auschwitz, my biggest problem is one huge lie it has:

Since the state of Israel’s inception young men engaged in full-time Torah study have been deferred from military service. Those avreichim and their families have willingly accepted the consequent relative poverty and the limitations thereby placed on their ability to eventually enter the workforce. In recent years, political and legal efforts have been made to change that modus vivendi and pressure talmidei hayeshivos to join the military.
Are all the yeshiva students and kollel men who attended the rally really living the life they absolutely chose for themselves? Did they have the option of becoming lawyers or techies with the possibility for riches but still only choose the poor life of Torah and Zionist handouts? I certainly don't think so. 

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