Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jews in the NYT again

Let's explode some Cross Current myths all at once, using one small pragraph from Tom Friedman's latest:
"Late at night, I was sipping coffee in the wardroom and a junior officer, Jeremy Ball, 27, came by and asked me if I could stay for Passover. He and two other Jewish sailors were organizing the Seder; the captain and several other non-Jewish shipmates said they’d be happy to join, but there was still room. Ball said he’d been storing “a brisket in the freezer” for the holiday and would pick up matzo when they surfaced in Canada."
Myths destroyed:
- American Jews are indifferent to religion [This naval officer is going to extraordinary effort to celebrate Pesach at sea.]
- The New York Times is indifferent to Jews [There was no real reason to mention the naval officer or his seder plans.] 
- The New York Times is indifferent to the military [The article provides a positive description of the navy's attempt to stay one step ahead of the Russians in the artic circle.]

On a nuclear submarine deep under the ice, the view was quite stunning.

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