Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is the Golan the Crimea?

Ways in which the annexations of the Golan and East Jerusalem are just like the annexation of the Crimea:

- Some Russians and some Jews see the annexations as a step in the restoration of lost empires and lost glories. Claims made by Russian and Israeli proponents of the annexations include:
- That land is "really ours"
- That land is "historically part of our country"
- The land is where lots of really important moments in our history occurred.
- Both Russians and Jews say the annexations are necessary for "security reasons"

Ways in which they are different:

- Israel acquired those territories via defensive war (not that it matters)
- Crimea actually contains ethnic Russians who are happy to be reunited with their ancestral homeland
- In the case of Crimea , there was a (completely bogus) vote.
- The Crimean are (apparently) going to be considered full-fledged Russian citizens with all rights and privileges. Non Russian Crimean included!
- The US criticized Russia
- The US is imposing sanctions on Russia.

Your thoughts?

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