Thursday, March 06, 2014

BerelShain on the Sunday Prayer Rally

by @BerelShain

Unfortunately, on this coming Sunday, there will be a demonstration in Manhattan to oppose Israeli policy that some chareidim must join the army. Aside from the obvious question of why anyone would demonstrate the domestic policy of Israel here in New York, I will not be going for another more important reason.

This is a demonstration to support hashkafos that are contrary to ours. The chareidi position in Israel is that no chareidi should go to the army or to college (or to work). Our position is very different. We (and by "we" I mean even the more yeshivish elements of the yeshiva world) recognize that not everybody can or should sit and learn long term. The American chareidi system allows for people to go to school, become professionals etc. all within the umbrella of the YW. Now of course I appreciate that the army adds a whole separate dimension to the discussion but the overall approach of the Israeli chareidim (that NOBODY should leave the bais midrash, NOBODY should go to college and NOBODY should join mainstream society - which includes army service in Israel) is against everything that we in American preach and practice. 

I will not join a demonstration to support a hashkafa I believe is wrong and at odds with my own.

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