Monday, September 30, 2013

Surprise! Lawyer representing Hasidic businessman tells a lie!

Lawyer Jay Lefkowitz has been retained to defend the right of Hasidic businessmen to discriminate against people who don't meet their dress code, ie, non Jews, and non Hasidic Jews. 

Here is how he sees it:

“Frankly, it’s very troubling that the commission thinks it’s OK for the Four Seasons restaurant to impose a dress code but not a bakery owned by a Hasidic businessman."

Using this magic new tool called Google, I was able to discover in under three seconds that the Four Seasons has no dress code.

The Zagat 2009 New York City Restaurant guide has starred the Rainbow Room... [and the 21 Club] as the only... public restaurant[s] requiring a tie among 13 that demand jackets.

A quick check fo Zagat, reveals that the Four Seasons is not one of those 13 that require men to wear coats.

Now, what about the 13 places that do have dress codes. Might Lawyer Lefkowitz have a point? Is asking people planning to spend big bucks on a posh dinner to dress up a little, the same as banning a woman from your Lee Avenue junk store unless she is dressed in an out-of-date, climate-inappropriate style? I don't think so, but the courts will decide.

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