Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kosher Bacon Cheeseburger

Editorial Submission by NAME ON REQUEST

Not only is this not an oxymoron anymore, those who actually like cheeseburgers tell me that Burrit'Olam in Teaneck's "cheese" actually tastes good, a lot like the real thing. While the thought of cheeseburgers gave me the dry heaves even before I was religious, Facon's glatt kosher beef bacon tastes pretty good (and a lot like pork bacon). The advances in food technology are amazing.

But they are also unsettling. Outside of Pesach, an Observant Jew could eat this in all good conscience. But is it something one can do, but still isn't a good idea, like urinating with the Shel Yad wrapped around your arm, or an uncle marrying his niece?


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