Sunday, September 01, 2013

No Teshuva in the Forecast


Last night, like most of my Orthodox brethren, I spent the hours that transformed Saturday into Sunday deep in introspectional prayer. When I awoke this morning I was eager to see what, if any, divine reaction there might be to the kickoff of the week of Rosh Hashana. And Hashem did not disappoint. He sent us a message that was loud, clear and unmistakable to all of my Flatbush neighbors: no change is necessary, just keep doing what you’re doing.

How was this message transmitted? By means of the weather. Allow me to elaborate. Slightly less than a year ago, Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc on our shores. In its immediate aftermath, many different versions of the divine message were offered (including one by this author - Regardless of the specifics, all seemed to agree that the Lord was distressed about something. Sandy was a message to us that we must change our ways and repent. Today, the weather was perfect here in Flatbush, the sgan ihr hatorah v’hatznius. No storms, no floods not even a drop of rain. Clearly, we do not need to look inwards right now. There is nothing that each of us must correct either personally or on a communal scale. Hashem has no complaints, no requests, no message and feels we need no wakeup calls or reminders. We are ready for judgment day and clearly, whatever was upsetting Hashem last year is no longer an issue.

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