Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amazon really does have everything (but love for Sefardim)

Guy writes (If he provides permission, I will name him):
It occurred to me recently, when I wanted to buy a new tallis and was too lazy to hike down to the seforim store, to look on Amazon and like everybody else in the world after reading a few reviews and with the click of a button it was wending it's way to my tallis bag. One thinks one can walk to the door and find the smiley box there waiting and it almost is.
So then I tried some other interesting combinations like this Amazon page and discovered that Amazon is Ashkenazic because if you type "lulav and esrog" it's happy but "lulav and etrog" gets a "did you mean" slap. Forget the magnifying glass, what better place for one of those zoom in pictures.
 Search for more information about lulavim

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