Monday, February 18, 2013

Great moments in attention seeking

I am Miriam Shaviv's biggest fan, so I am going to assume she wasn't the author of the terrible headline that tops her latest article:

Playing ‘Hatikvah’ on a ‘Desert Island’
After 71 years, British writer Julie Burchill becomes the first guest to select Israel’s national anthem on high-profile BBC radio show

See the problem? It rather strongly suggests that we Jews have been sitting around waiting and praying  for some second tier British celebrity to name Hatikvah as one of the eight songs he or she would take to a desert island. Now, hallelujah!, the wait is over! After 71 years Julie Burchil chose Hatikvah. Finally!

Furthermore, can we please be honest about this? There is no way in the world that Julie Brichel - or any sentient human being - considers Hatikva one of the eight indispensable music compositions in human history. Clearly, she made Hatikvah one of her choices to attract attention --  and more power to her: It worked perfectly.

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