Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BREAKING: Toronto Vaad Excommunicates Rabbi Yehuda, Ibn Ezra, others

Let me be the first to complement the Vaad Harabonim of Toronto on their old school, fundamentalist courage.

Instead of taking the PC position that Rabbi Yehuda was speaking as an authentic Torah Jew when he said (BT Baba Bathra 15a) "Joshua wrote the book which bears his name and the last eight verses of the Pentateuch" the Vaad has correctly noted that he, and the nameless Amora who added  "This statement is in agreement with the authority who says that eight verses in the Torah were written by Joshua," are both heretic scum.

Their sin? Denying that the Torah "as we posses it today in its entirety" was given to us by Moshe.  Joshua != Moshe so nice knowing you Rabbi Yehudah!

Other people tossed out of authentic Judaism by the Vaad include:
  • The Yemenites. They claim that their Torah is the real one, only - haha! - it contains nine words that are not spelled the way that they are spelled in the Sefer Torahs used by the rest of us. Did Moshe transmit both variants? Of course not. So, based on the principle of Ashkenazi Power our Torah was transmitted from Moshe "in its entirety" and their's was not. Too bad!
  • The Ibn Ezra: He said the last twelve Torah verses and four others were not written by Moshe. Therefore, to say that ibn Ezra  has not been "estranged" from the "pale of Orthodox Judaism" is both "fallacious and counter-factual."
  • Yosef Tov Elum: Luckily no one knows who this guy is. (He was a rishon)  Because he said that all of the later prophets had the power and authority to add clarifying words to the Torah!  He also said that "Only the fools will find fault with [this idea]. So, yes, Vaad of Toronto, he was talking about you.

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