Thursday, February 07, 2013

Barak Obama you're dead to me

OK I officially hate Barak Obama. Declaring an unchecked power to kill U.S citizens makes you George W. Bush.

Not cool. Not acceptable. And God help me but I agree with Rush Limbough:
This is from NBC News. "A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the United States government, i.e., President Obama, can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be senior operational leaders of al Qaeda or an associated force, even if there isn't any intelligence indicating that they're engaged in an active plot to attack the United States."
That is casting a really wide net because it almost sounds like you don't even have to be a senior operational leader of al Qaeda or an associated -- well, actually, an associated force is interesting. 
If this -- if this provision had been in place back in the '70s, does this mean that Nixon could have assassinated the Weathermen? Does this mean that Richard Nixon could have taken out the New Black Panther Party? Does it mean Nixon could have killed Bill Ayers? It does mean that! Bill Ayers or the Weathermen, he had an active plot against the U.S., bombed the Pentagon. That means if this -- if Nixon had assumed the kind of power that Obama's assuming, he could have sent a commando team out to wipe out Bill Ayers .
You can't kill rogue leaders. No, you cannot by -- by law, we cannot assassinate foreign leaders. We can now kill Americans as long as we say they are related to al Qaeda somehow. And that link isn't too tough. Al Qaeda hates America. All you have to do is hate America. It could be said that you are an associated force. 
Remember all of the anger that the left had over waterboarding? I think I have this right. Constitutional scholar Barack Obama is demanding the right to kill American citizens without making his case to a judge, as long as he thinks the American in question is in an upper tier of operations of al Qaeda or a related group

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