Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Husband Wears a Talis

A wedding picture from today's big event

This strikes me as identical to the moron yeshiva kids who wear raincoats to their weddings. They do this not because they plan on flashing the rabbi, but because they have some vague notion that back in the armpit corner of Europe their ancestors escaped, the custom was for grooms to wear overcoats. These confused grooms don't understand the coat custom nor do they have any sheichus to the armpit corner of Europe where the custom originated. They just do it because people do it. And so, I imagine it was, with the talis and Chelsea's husband.

NOTE: I don't want to be misunderstood. Its always cool when someone famous publicly identifies as Jewish. It was neat as hell to see this kid wearing a talis on page 1 of the Times website. I was also pleased to see that sheva brochos were said at his wedding, but perturbed to see the Times get something Jewish wrong yet again: "...the Seven Blessings, which are typically recited at traditional Jewish weddings following the vows and exchange of rings." My point is that before you smug frum Jews mock his talis, please ask yourself how many similar things you do for similar reasons.

NOTE NUMBER TWO: I'm not approving of intermarriage. I'm not disapproving of the choice the guy made either. His business, not mine. (and to be completely honest, I'm not sure my sect would consider him Jewish)

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