Wednesday, July 07, 2010


This lovely announcement appeared in the 20s and 30s a Flatbush publication used primarily to disseminate ads, and line birdcages.

Some notes:
(1) Jeez. MYOB people.
(2) Or, at least be egalitarian and run some ads denouncing the things men do wrong. All authorities agree, for example, that stuffing yourself at kiddush, shmoozing during Torah reading, and ripping people off at business are "clearly halachicly forbidden", too
(3) Why the scare quotes around "in style" Is the writer trying to convey to the reader that she believes short skirts really aren't in style? If so, she's blatantly misleading her audience. If short skirts weren't in style, the ad, presumably, would be unnecessary.
(4) For that matter, why waste space mentioning the current style in the first place? The writer's point is that short skirts are evil regardless of the time and place. There's no need to mention the current style.
(5) The phony modesty here is delightful. On the one hand, short skirts are "clearly halachicly forbidden according to all opinions." There's no question about it! Pull down your skirts at once! However, far be it from me, the little old, anonymous ad writer, to tell people what to do. This is a matter that must be adjudicated by a "Rav or Posek". Go and let him tell you what to do. (I'd love to know which "Rav or Posek" okayed this ad.)
(6) "Rav or Posek"? Is there a difference? Can't tell if the writer is a dope, or trying to make it clear that she's really super frum.
(7) Lets call a spade a spade: This ad is categorically the same as an anono blog. I look forward to hearing Avi Shafran and Aryeh Ginzburg denounce it

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