Wednesday, June 02, 2010

World's worst analogy

Joe, in the comments, attempting to discredit my Zionism:

What would you think of a man who always criticized his wife publicly, called her names, belittled her ideas and choices, and then said "See how much I love her? I am always trying to correct her and set her straight"?

The reason this analogy fails is because a country isn't a person, with feelings. A woman is. You can't insult a country. It has no emotions. We think poorly of the man who constantly insults his wife because of the effect the insults are likely to have on the woman's emotional state. When you're speaking of a country, this is of no concern.

Joe continues:

It is ridiculous to claim that you love Israel when your entire interaction with it is criticism.

I think Joe may have forgotten about the prayers, the donations, the visits -- or doesn't his relationship with Israel include those things? Tell me Joe, do you do anything more for Israel other than sit in a comfortable chair and confirm the unquestioned correctness of anything Israel happens to do? Is your "entire interaction" with Israel blind, reflexive applause? Are you Dwight Shrurt to Israel's Micheal Scott?

I am not a cheerleader. I'm not here to make Israelis and RW Zionists feel good, no matter what. I'm no pom pom waver. After the flotilla debacle people who care about Israel SHOULD be demoralized. I know I am. Being demoralized after something idiotic happens is healthy and normal.

If you just clap your hands and pretend Israel didn't shoot itself in the foot (or worse) on Monday morning another debacle becomes more likely. Clapping your hands after a debacle is dishonest and detrimental. I just won't do it. Neither should you.

I have a longer post in the works on how to love Israel in a way that is healthy and functional and does not turn you into a drone. Stay tuned.

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