Friday, June 11, 2010

First batch of Daly answers

Senator Daly's replies are beneath the respective questions in italic. All of his replies are verbatim, sic, etc.

shualah elisheva
senator daly [if senator is the proper title - i don't know much about
irish political office];

first, i have to thank you for your transparency and willingness to
answer questions posed by dovbear. it's a refreshing change of pace to
see participants on both sides of an argument set aside the vitriol
and discuss their differences logically and rationally.

so here's my question: why do you feel that hamas is refusing to allow
the red cross to visit gilad shalit? why, if they seek recognition as
an independent nation, do they not act as an independent nation and
permit the red cross to visit this soldier who has been held without a
visit or sign for four years?

thank you, again. kol hakavod for taking time to speak with us.

can only assume that they feel it will inflict more pain on the family and on gilad shalit also. Hamas do not abide by the Geneva Convention so this behaviour while disgraceful and inhumane is not unpredictable. For proof if ID please google the Irish Parliament ( oireachtas)

Hamas is stockpiling weapons to use against Israeli civilians, and
they have shown they will use them. Hamas refuses to recognize the
right of Israel to exist, vowing to destroy it. If Israel doesn't
impose a blockade, what is to prevent Iran from shipping bigger and
better weapons into Gaza via the sea?

what is to prevent Iran from shipping bigger and better weapons into Gaza via the tunnels. If there was enough food going through the checkpoints between Israel and Gaza along with a concerted effort with egypt to close the tunnels. Israels security would be enhanced and supplies from the sea unnecessarY

Do Jews have a right to self-determination and national liberation in
their own land?


Rabba bar bar Chana
Are you opposed merely to the blockade and the occupation, or do you
agree with Helen Thomas that Jews should "get out of Palestinbe" and
do a reverse exodus back to Europe and America? [Edited by DovBear]

Do not agree with Helen Thomas.

Have you spent much time with people who support Israel, and its
policies toward the Palestenian and the peace process? What is your
opinion of those policies, and your view of those people? [Edited by DovBear]

We have had the israeli ambassador to Ireland in on many occasions but I fundamentally disagree with the path the israeli government is on. A military solution was tried in the North of Ireland and did not work it will not work for Israel now. Its part of the solution but not the solution. We hope to have more delegations over from Israeli and this week I was with the Irish Foreign affairs committee when we met with J street

More later I hope...

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