Thursday, June 10, 2010

George Galloway Destroys His Enemies

I've been listening to George Galloway rip racists and anti-Semites into little, tiny shreds. Its quite entertaining. Some examples (all titles are SIC via YouTube):

* George Galloway is a former MP who is best known as a supporter of the Palestinians, friend of Arafat, war profiteer, and opponent of Zionism. This is only a part of what makes listening to him defend Jews and attack bigots so entertaining.

In the interest of fair play, here's an Israeli woman destroying Galloway and here also is Chris Hitchens taking his lunch and then tearing him a new one. And of course, we have this collection of George's lowest moments. supplied by Muekubal. I don't think Galloway is a good guy. This is why I thought it was so amusing to hear him defending Jews and attacking anti-Semites.

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