Monday, March 01, 2010

Purim posts or mee shenichnas Adar marbim old posts

First mention: Purim
In which I discuss the very first time the New York Times reported on Purim

Some Purim Torah (intended seriously,I'm afraid)

An absurd drash someone thinks is legitimate. A commentary on the attitudes of the ultra-religious.

Why I like Purim less
Once I thought Purim the perfect holiday. Now, not so much.

 When it Comes to Mishloach Manot

...some are either a lunatic or a lazybones. Which are you?

In which the real reason is provided.

A summary of a great Torah article by R. Menachem Leibtag.

Al ha'mar v'hamatok
A 2006 review of the Purim foodstuff I received

I dare you to try and top it

Rafi G. on what the lousy Purim weather might mean (besides nothing)

Grouchity grouch grouch but I make some good points.

A long list of all the presumed historical errors in the Book of Esther

Where the humantachen came from

Plot holes in Esther
There are at least 9

Purimfest 1946!!
Do you know the famous story about Stricher and his last words? Its presented here, along with some other relevant facts.

Some irresponsible speculation

Hava Narisha!
A not so traditional way to sing the traditional song.

The Magnificent Magilla Meme
Some of the thoughts that danced through my sugar and caffine deprived mind one Purim night.

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