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A few of the better Pesach posts

Here's the short list; perhaps half aren't included here

A Story
December 9, 2004
The town had one matzah factory and two communities, one devoutly Hasidic, the other Misnagdic to the core. Each year, the two communities sent representatives to the town matzah factory to bake matzohs. The two groups never mixed, and never talked. Every man stayed on his own side of the factory.

How did they sit at the first korbon pesach?
January 11, 2005
The Torah tells us that, at Passover, each family took its own lamb "from the sheep or from the goats," slaughtered it, and ate the meat together. But how did the families sit?

On Baseball in General, and Pesach in Particular
Apr 22, 2005
For those, like me, who believe the Exodus occured preciesly as the Bibles says it did, though no evidence supports the account, Pesach holds a special charm. When we sit at the seder, and repeat the maggid we celebrate..

Pesach moments to remember
Apr 26, 2005
My second most favorite pesach moment came at about 3 pm on sunday afternoon when I showed my father and brother-in-law that the rama and the mishna brurah both rule against saying

This is not a complaint about my wife
Apr 28, 2005
This is not a complaint about my wife. My wife is outstanding at planning and logistics. Really outstanding. She has a gift I can only describe as second sight, and she's an excellent shopper, with the unfailing ability to get the very ...

Passover purchases
Apr 18, 2006
Live out the plague of the frogs with these small life like rubber frogs, have fun with your kids as you describe to them the plague of the frogs, with actaully almost real life frogs

A pesach message from a friend
Apr 18, 2006
In a deliberate parody of the haggadah, a friend from elsewhere writes: "what is the meaning of the seder to you? isn't is all one lie, one lesson of falsehoods? there's no mention of any of the exodus in any of the contemporary sources ..

Was the first matzo kosher l'pesach?
Apr 23, 2008
Was the first matzo kosher l'pesach? think about it: according to the account in exodus the fleeing hebrews were making bread. that means their mixed water and flour also contained a leavening agent like sourdough (se'or) and that it ...

The four sons
Apr 07, 2008
[aside: if this is a spanish haggadah, why is the yishtabach at the end of halel written according to the ashkenazic rite?] and what about in the yet to be written blogosphere haggadah? Sure, traditionalists will want Gil for wise son, ...

This week, are we keeping one holiday or two?
Apr 18, 2008
According to Sarna, we can see that pesach and matzoh predate the exodus because in the bible neither term is glossed; the author (ie god) seems to assume his audience knows what both words mean. sarna also tells us that mazoh's ...

Chaval Siddur Pesach (The Seder Symposium post)
Mar 30, 2007
I'm not in the mood to write the post I had planned about the Seder and its origins, but the main takeaway point is as follows: The rituals and forms of the Seder are very similar to the forms of the symposia, .

Seder Symposium Follow up
Apr 11, 2007
The following comment, written by "lurker," my new best friend, adresses some of the terribly mean and off-the-mark objections i received to my post titled chaval siddur pesach. in particular, lurker uses impeccable torah sources to ...

Last word on the Afikomin
Apr 16, 2007
Here's how Herbert Danby translates it: "After the Passover meal they should not disperse to join in revelry." His note reads: Heb Epikoman [Something (the word Afikomin?) in Greek] Cf. Is 30. The joy of the Passover

Go get some g'broks
Apr 11, 2006
If you eat matzah brie, you eat g'broks, and as noted above that's perfectly ok. some people, however, think that judaism is just too darn easy so, as noted above, they invented the stringancy of "not eating g'broks. ...

In defense of the second day
Apr 17, 2006
Last week you urged us, with all the authority an anonymous blogger can muster, to eat matzo balls on pesach. yet, today you write in support of the diaspora's second day of yom tov. aren't both customs equally foolish?

The real reason for lamb, herbs and matzah at Pesach. (maybe)
Jan 24, 2007
DB on the P: The Paschal Feast. Why do we eat lamb, herbs and matzah at Pesach? I've heard dozens of explanations and every year at Pesach time, I come across more, but the one I like best remains the one I heard a few years back from ...

Long live the macaroon
Apr 11, 2008
sweet matzo brie is vile) and here is an nyt article about a posh manhatten club for waspy rich people, and its desperate search for a bakery that can provide it with macaroons. yes, macaroons.

The DovBear holiday menu
Apr 11, 2008
Cooking notes: The steak should be high quality. Put a little salt and pepper on it, and throw it in a cast iron pan with some wine. (Remember: You can cook on Yom Tov) For variety, you can skip the salt and pepper on the second night. ...

Eating matzah on erev pesach
Apr 18, 2008
The yerushalmi pesachim 68b says: האוכל מצה בערב הפסח כבא על ארוסתו בבית חמיווהבא (one who eats matzah on the eve of passover is like one who has intimate relations with his bride-to-be in his [future] father-in-law's home. ) ...

Pesach and Wasting Food (Mother In Israel)
Apr 12, 2009
Other than an occasional jar of cooked rice and a few slices bread for my father to burn in the backyard erev Pesach, I don't recall her throwing out food. I think that is the authentic Jewish tradition. But I see and read about huge .

Ideas of special chumros for pesach (rafi G.)
Mar 26, 2009
Cleaning for pesach the way we do is a big enough chumra; machmir on bein adam l'chaveiro and treating others respectfully in tense times. we are (at least i am) makpid to not measure our matzos and maror, so that our mitvos are not ...

Pesach gripes
Mar 23, 2009
With birchat ha'chodesh this past shabbat, the imminent arrival of pesach becomes that much more real. in the spirit of the coming chag, i'd like to share a couple things that bug me each and every pesach: ...

Faking it on Shabbos Erev Pesach
Apr 16, 2008
Others point out, that the third meal belongs to the afternoon, and on erev pesach beginning this afternoon meal with bread is simply impossible. Yom Kippur creates the same difficulty: We're forbidden to eat, so when it falls on ...

Miriam's Cup (HSaboMilner)
Feb 24, 2010
A twitter buddy of mine was clicking through and came across this – a cup for the Passover Seder that initially looks like Elijah's cup, but on further inspection it is actually a “Miriam's Cup”. The site has one Elijah's ...

 My approach to Kitniyot (Rabba bar bar Chana)
Mar 25, 2010
When I was younger, especially after I became a vegetarian at the age of 21, I railed against the utter nonsense of the Ashkenazi prohibition of eating kitniyot on Pesach. It seemed like unnecessary torture, especially today when the ...

I Want a Time Machine (E_Fink)
Mar 17, 2010
Last night we made our kitchen Kosher for Pesach* and I announced that I want to travel back in time to see what our great-great-grandparents did to prepare for Pesach. What was it like without aluminum foil and duct tape, ...

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