Friday, March 19, 2010

Open thread on the new Motty Borger message

I wanted to put this up yesterday, but couldn't get online so likely you've already heard that Motty Borger (update: I mean his father) has released a new message in which he angrily denies everything everyone everywhere has ever said about the tragic death of his son.

I have no comment on the content of his message (aside from one remark I'll make below) but invite you to say whatever you like here, with one exception: I'm going to moderate out unsubstantiated claims made about Motty Borger.

My one remark:  It's not for me to judge a grieving father, but I'm no fan of the approach he took. You can't pick a random tragedy and say that this was God's way of punishing people for committing your pet peeve. He may sincerely believe that hundreds of thousands lost power and that two Jews were killed by a falling tree because people said things about his family, but I could just as easily claim that the disaster resulted from something else, for instance the ongoing effort to protect pedophiles. Neither of us has any proof, or even any evidence that might substantiate our claims, so both of us should just keep quiet. Hanistort l'Hashem Elokeinu and all that. Also, it bugs me that he talked about the two dead Jews, and not the three others who died in the storm under identical circumstances.

My other one remark: Isn't there something clueless and delusional about posting a message calling for achdus among klal yisroel on Yeshiva World News? There's no one site that does more to stir up hatred within Orthodox Judaism. Hardly a day goes by without a YWN post that criticizes, slanders or insults the left side of OJ, and the nasty, angry, anti-achdus comments these posts generate are unsurprisingly the one thing the moron, uber-hypocrite, anti-dassTorah, YW editor refuses to moderate

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