Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Martin Grossman G'mach

A sharper in Williamsburg is attempting to capitalize on the execution of cop-killer Martin Grossman. He's running ads asking people to donate money to a free-loan society in Martin's memory. Here's what it says:
We tried, Reb Michoel Yechiel Grossman a”h, to save your body from harm, but miShomayim it was otherwise decreed. However, for your neshama, there is salvation.

Your name has been inscribed in the keren kayemes of Kolel Shomre Hachomos in Yerushalayim. For this coming year till Adar 5771, Mishnayos will be learned, Kaddish will be said, and a lecht will be lit in your memory.

Dear Acheinu bnei Yisroel, since Reb Michoel Yechiel a”h did not leave any children nor close religious relatives, our board of directors have initiated a special “Free Loan Fund,” “Gemach Michoel Yechiel ben R’ Avrohom Grossman a”h,” which will serve as a loaning gemach to those in need in Yerushalayim. Each time money will be spent from this gemach, it’ll be a zechus and an aliyah for his neshama
My thoughts? Free loan societies are wonderful. They deserve our support -- even if this particular campaign is the crassest exploitation of a dead Jew since the Gospels.

What's next? Something for Bugsy Seigel?

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