Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oh! Your anti-semitic "joke" really IS so much funnier once you've explained it

Erie County Executive Chris Collins who was once described as a "shining light of the Republican Party" told a joke the other day comparing Sheldon Silver, an Orthodox Jew, to both Hitler and the anti-Christ, but wait, wait, wait: Before you go all Irgun on the guy, give him a chance: It was just a joke, people! and BOY is it hysterical, once you hear the whole story:

...the county executive referred to French seer Nostradamus' prediction that the world would experience three Antichrists in conjunction with the Apocalypse, whose origin is the New Testament's Book of Revelation. Collins then said it's generally accepted that the first was Napoleon, the second Hitler, and that he was "pretty sure" the third is Silver, an orthodox Jew from Manhattan.

Mr Collins went on to complement Mr Silver on his frugality, adding: That big nose of his? Because air is free! Anyway, as I switch gears here, permit me some questions:

(1) Why is this being dismissed as a "gaffe"?
(2) Had the insult been uttered by a Democrat, WWTLORS? (What would that lunatic O'Reilly say?)
(3) "It was staggering," said [a] Republican, who asked not to be identified [because he didn't have the guts to go on the record criticizing an insane comment made by a fellow party member.] "It took my breath away. You just don't say something like that " Had Collins insulted Mexicans or homosexuals, instead, would this Republican have been equally upset?
(4) What's more disturbing? That this "shining light of the Republican Party" believes in the unquestioned truth of the Nostradamus, or that he feels the same way about the Book of Revelations?

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