Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging is Not Tznius

A Guest Post By HSM.

This was a status update by incredible blogger Aliza Hausman.

Unfortunately this was not the first I had heard of this idea this week. I
have had a couple of interactions recently with Jewish female bloggers on
this subject. Some rabbanim have felt that it draws too much attention and
is not to be encouraged. Especially in single female bloggers who are
dating. Being a public figure is apparently against the tenets of Judaism
and modesty unless you are a Rabbi.

How stupid of me to forget! Us women are supposed to be quiet and hide
behind our men, and only speak when spoken to. And if we don’t have men to
hide behind? Use a tree, something, so that women should never be seen, let
alone be heard to have opinions.

Yes there are JBlogs out there that talk about taboo subjects and are
sensationalist etc. But there are some awesome quality JBlogs writen by some
phenomenal female members of the Tribe. The world is so much better for
these blogs. I have learned a tremendous amount from these women, and come
to a much deeper understanding of myself through the blogging medium. If I
have learned from them, I am sure many others have too.

I am a Jewish female blogger and I stand tall and proud. Who is with

Soon breathing won’t be tznius….what will they think of next??!!

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