Monday, November 23, 2009

Shidduch short cut

Here's some good news for far-flung parents who are shopping for a Lakewood son-in-law. Previously, parents in places like Toronto or L.A. seeking the honor and joy of finding for their daughter a mate who would forever require financial support were inconvenienced by geography and the expense of travel. Now, thanks to the magic of the allegedly asur Internet those difficulties are eliminated. Quote:
Shidduch-Vision is where boys and girls in Shidduchim can meet up to three times via high-quality, commercial-grade video conferencing set up in private homes. This will save time, money and the need to travel. If it’s on target-they continue in person
By "on target" I presume they mean "hot enough to make a trip worthwhile." What goes unmentioned is how much easier this makes it for an attractive girl to snare her kollel prince, while also permitting young Torah scholars to scope out potential dates before committing to an investment of time and money. Otherwise, couldn't they just use the phone?

Bonus Hysteria: the link above includes a video of Lakwooders acting like they've landed on the moon as they sample the snazzy, video-conferencing equipment. And(!) the tablecloth covering the table where the Torah Bachelor sits is is white and unprotected by plastic. Thank Goodness!

Additional Bonus Hysteria: The Rosh Yeshiva and the Mashgiach were both in attendance at the grand opening! (If you don't know who the Rosh Yeshiva and Mashgiach are you're not likely to be using this service, so no worries). Aren't you relived to know these two luminaries had time enough to bless this new enterprise? Here's a tip for Lakewood businessmen: If you want a big PR boost from Lakewood's top two celebrities, don't tell people you sell cars. Tell people you sell cars THAT CAN BE USED BY PEOPLE WHO WISH TO DATE FOR THE PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE! And so on.

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