Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The end of the Year in Israel

It has come to my attention that there are black hat yeshiva boys who Tweet and manage blogs from Jerusalem, obstensibly from their yeshiva dorm rooms, during the sacred, set-aside "Year In Israel." I think this is neat, of course, and do hope that they are following my blog and participating in the Torah discussions it hosts, rather then checking scores or chatting up Twitter girls.

How different things were back when I did my year. We were lucky to use the phone twice a week, only saw newspapers on shabbos or in town, and generally were kept completely in the dark about world events. I often found out about noteworthy things that had happened in Jerusaelm only after a letter from my mother containing news clippings arrived.  Now a yeshiva boy with a data plan can see same-day sports highlights, and judging from the yeshivish Twitter activity, no one in the hanhala knows or cares.

I feel so old.

Search for more information about yeshiva boy blogs at 4torah.com.

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