Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Yorker Cover

1 - What, exactly is the joke, and who is it on? If it's satire, shouldn't there be some kind target? Is the scene meant to be a GOP Jew's thought balloon? Even so: Showing how the opposition thinks isn't satire.

2 - Next month, the cover should depict doddering old John McCain as a 400 year old man with anger veins throbbing on his temple. For good measure, let a line of discarded lovers disappear into the distance behind him. Instead of bin Ladin, a protrait of some fat biblebelt theocon should be on the wall, and instead of a flag, put the Constitution in the fireplace. (Note: This wouldn't be any funnier, or any more succesful at satire.)

3 - Perhaps, this is meant as commentary on how the press cheapen political discourse by presenting presidential candidates as broad caricatures. If the New Yorker is attempting to satire its own industry, in effect, they are saying: See? This is what irresponsible magazines do! Unlike us! (Note: Still isn't funny)

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