Monday, July 28, 2008

Has "presumptuous" become the new "uppity"?

Fact: McSame went to Europe and the Middle East last March

Fact: McSame went to Latin America last week, where he held a joint-news conference with the president of Columbia, with each of them taking a few questions. This is the format used when Bush meets presidents, too.

Fact: McSame "distributes mini-schedule booklets that are nearly identical to those used in the White House: same style, same typeface, same size."

Fact: McSame has recently inaugurated a Saturday radio address.


Fact: Hardly anyone has accused McSame of being "presumptuous", though this term of disparagement has been repeated in article after article, many of them appearing in publications that, allegedly wish for Obama to win.

"In a speech that risked being seen as presumptuous..." -- the AP

" the growing sense in some quarters that the presumptive Democratic nominee is getting a little presumptuous..." -- Boston Globe

and more.

What explains this? I mean other than the fact that white men are sometimes uncomfortable when a black man acts like he expects to be treated equally?


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