Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hold on to your head gear

You'll be dancing in your seats to learn that this newfangled kosher sifter thing has been "ENDORSED BY TOP RABBIS TO BE INSECT AND MEALWORM FREE!"

Hoo-ray and phew. Because if it was endorsed by those ordinary riff-raff Rabbis and not the much holier top rabbis I'd never go near the thing. And good thing about it being both insect and meal worm free, am I right? Sure, that's a little bit like being suitable for "dogs and poodles," but you can't be too sure when it comes to kashrus, I guess.

Here's more from the marketing monkeys who created the kosher sifter website:
"Since Rabbonim are reporting significant infestation in grains, the necessity for effective flour sifting has risen to its peak. Today's market offers various different sifters; however, each of them poses a question of kashrus and convenience. Most flour sifters have wide mesh spacing allowing tiny insects, present in flour, to sieve through the sifter.

Furthermore, open to atmosphere sifting gives room for insects or bugs to jump from the sifter to the already sifted flour"
All of which leads me to conclude that until sometime around August 8, 1995 no one kept kosher.

Tip of the fluffy white chef hat to Enigma (not that we're implying that she belongs in the kitchen) (though she can cook as much as she likes) (so long as it is her choice, and her choice alone)

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