Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bottom of the barrel political commentary

alicublog has spotted a conservative blogger so stupid she thinks Barak Obama willingly and purposefully chose to make himself look like Adolph Hitler on some collateral being distributed in Germany in advance of an appearance in Berlin. She seems unaware that Hitler is only slightly less popular in Germany than he is in the rest of the world. She also finds it troubling, and slightly treasonous, that a candidate for the American presidency would use a language other than English to communicate with the German speaking residents of a German speaking country. I'm tempted to laugh, but instead I'll just point.

Also noteworthy for those us who have grown weary of Charedi-style news commentary is a withering dismissal from alicublog that I plan to use and reuse as often as I can: Do these people even know how crazy they look to folks who don't spend all day looking for signs, symbols and portents in every goddamned little thing?

They don't. But they are.

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