Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Wig Store: Epilouge

A new letter from the Rosh Yeshiva of Chaim Berlin has been published (right)

My translation from the original Loshon Hakodesh follows (note: The language of the letter isn't standard Hebrew but Loshon Hakodesh, a dialect of Hebrew favored by pious types.)

I'm a man of news

The owner of the store about whom I have writen in the past has capitulated with good will and changed the situation at his store, and now a scactuary of Torah is able to surround it with honor as is befitting

Issiah the prophet said, "Whoever calls in my name for my honor, he I have created and fasioned" There is nothing that can be said to call in His name more than the Torah. There is no one who can be said to be "those He has fasioned" more than Israel, about whom it is said, "This nation I created so that they might sing my praises."

The fundemental desire of every Jew is to bring praise to the name of God.

I am overwhelmingly pleased about this Jew who switched desecration to praise.

Who is like your nation Israel?!

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