Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An timely and important Torah teaching

Another guest post by MAR GAVRIEL as if the spelling wasn't enough of a give-away.

Listen to the beginning of this recording.

Note the part where Kevôd Ho-Rav says that the debate between Rambam and Tôsfôs, about whether or not we are permitted to appoint a woman to a position of authority, is relevant only if there is another equally (or more) qualified person for the job.

However, "[I]f the most qualified person to be rabbi of a shul, or president of a shul, is a woman, then it is clear that one should appoint her", even according to Rambam's position, which ordinarily forbids us from appointing a woman to a position of authority. (Tôsfôs would permit appointing a female rabbi even if there were more qualified people for the job.)

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