Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here we go with another stupid pashkevil

See it here

Translation of some choice snippets (Note: These words are describing an ordinary upscale clothing outlet!):

-- "Like a harlot...";

-- "...without the slightest amount of shame has dared to open ... a dirty 'outlet of abomination' in the style of Manhattan God forbid -- like the worst of the Goyim, God have mercy!"

-- "'God hates harlotry'... 'wherever you find (sexual) decadence a plague comes'... God forbid"

-- "how will we educate our children... in the presence of such debauchery?"

-- "...together, let's fight this horrifying abomination!"

Whoever is behind this idiocy (and let's hope it wasn't the store's competitor!) is taking us down the path to Taliban-town. Tear your clothes. Put ashes on your head. Sit on the floor and wail. This isn't the Judaism of our fathers, but unless good Jews and brave Rabbis protest it will be the Judasim our children inherit.

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