Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oorah's Humiliation

I am sure Ooorah is a wonderful organization responsible for ooodles of good and holy work, but they sure look like uncooperative fools in this CWII Fact-Finder report. In particular, the dour-looking woman who appears to supervise their phone bank must be taught not to wag her finger at television cameras. She comes across like Cruella DeVille in a kosher hat. I'd also advise the men who work at Oorah headquarters office not to slouch and to tuck in their shirts when cameras are rolling. Oh, and standing in a very menacing half-circle around a woman who is simply trying to get some questions answered is also bad form

Finally, (and, sorry, but this seems self-evident to me) when the overly-inquisitive reporter is attempting to leave your property, do not send an employee to illegally obstruct her van in front of (a) the police and (b) her cameras.

No charge for the advice, and keep up the good work. (And yes, yes, of course the liberal Jew-hating media is totaly to blame here. How dare they ask questions and attempt to file reports. Total chutzpah.)

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