Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where are the GOP Jews now?

(from the mailbag)

Hey, DovBear:

I was in Borough Park this past Shabbat. The (politically RW freebie) Jewish Herald had big photo of W and Olmert beaming together with caption "Friends in Deed". The Jewish Press proclaimed something definitive as "Bush Visit Comes At Tense Time In U.S.-Israel Relations..."

Didn't Bush call for a Palestinian state and Israeli sacrifices? Isn't this something you expect from "the Suha Kisser?"

I hear crickets chirping from the RWJ's gallery.


I think its cognitive dissonance. The fools have spent so much mental energy convincing themselves that Bush is God's own angle that they don't' quite know what to do with all the evidence to the contrary. Its sad, actually. Many of them cope by attacking the Clintons with the same tired and discredited accusations they've thrown at that poor, hardworking couple for more than 10 years. See for example Jason Mausz of the Jewish Press.

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