Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Is being stupid contagious?

It is my unfortunate duty to report that the YeshivaWorld editor appears to have caught the stupidity bug from his commenters. Attached to a story about Obama the non-Muslim (Seen first here!) the Editor has attached a photo of Barak with his arm around Al Sharpton. The caption: Barak Obama / Al Sharpton '08. Worse, the not-so-bright-editor-man has arranged things to make it seem like the Obama/Sharpton picture came from the JTA!

So a few questions (and answers):

1 - Is YW announcing a scoop? Has Obama picked Al? (You wish)

2 - Is YW endorsing Obama and Al? (Hahahahaha)

3 - If the answers to (1) and (2) are "no" which daas torah told the YeshivaWorld editor it was ok to attach this terrible misrepresentation to a straight news article? (None) (YeshivaWorld pretends to care about Das Torah because its good for business) (I attack YeshivaWorld for the same reason)

4 - Are the mental patiants who religiously read YeshivaWorld going to tell each other at the mikva and their other hangouts that Sharpton is officially running with Obama? (Yes) (Alas)

5 - Do you think YeshivaWorld ripped the news story from me? (No) (I don't care, either way)

6 - Why does daas torah loving YeshivaWorld stamp a ginormous YW on every single one of their photos and documents when they hardly ever provide a link to the news organizations that provide the articles they lift? (Come on. Do you really need me to answer that?) (They do credit their sources, but no links)


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