Friday, January 04, 2008

Oh, was Iowa last night?

Memo to the media: STOP TALKING ABOUT IOWA

The idea that Huckabozo or Obama are now front runners, or otherwise more significant than they were earlier this week is altogether absurd. The Iowa caucus is a joke. It tells us only what a bunch of yokels in Iowa think (and because its a caucus, not a primary, it doesn't even do an especially good job of telling us what a bunch of Iowans think)

This notion that either of the Iowa winners now has some kind of momentum or significance does nothing but illustrate the central deficiency in the whole primary/caucus system: in this gigantic, diverse country of no one should be anointed anything on the basis of the results in some two-bit state like Iowa.

Memo to my pal Lurker: How'd your boy Rudy do? I didn't have time to read all the way to the very, very bottom of the results. I assume he's down there somewhere, because he sure wasn't anywhere near the top.

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