Thursday, January 24, 2008

The end of Dass Torah?

The ADMAR has another noteworthy article posted on his non-blog about child abuse in right-wing communities. Though all of what he says is as wise as ever, be sure to review the 200+ comments. They don't appear to have been written by the sort of dissatisfied rabble-rousers who hang out here, yet still they overwhelmingly disapprove of the way our famous big name rabonim handled the issue.

I won't pile on, both because I respect famous big name rabonim, and because I don't know what the famous big name rabonim knew or when they knew it. However, I do want to grab this opportunity to add my name to the list of bloggers (1, 2 and more) who have previously mocked Avi Shafran for the insulting to the intelligance spin Avi has attempted to put on the abuse cases.

The man is a tool, more worried about the honor of his bosses than he is about the safety of children. I don't know if the Kolko fall-out will giveour community a healthier and more realistic understanding of famous big name rabonim, their roles and their power. But let's hope that it teaches us to ignore professional spinmeisters like Avi Shafran.

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