Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ed has a new name

He calls himself Marcus now, perhaps in honor of his favorite Roman Emperor, and this is what he said:

Naftuli: Why does providing a forum [for CA] imply he agrees with the views?
Marcus: You mean there's nothing wrong with allowing drug dealers to peddle their wares on my front lawn?!

How do I know Marcus is Ed? I don't, not with any certainty, but I refuse to believe that there is someone else on the planet capable of making such a brain dead argument.

Drugs and ideas are the same thing? Only in Ed's cholent-addled mind.

Here, once again, is the thing: Drugs are dangerous. Drugs are harmful to your health. Ideas/words/argument are not. In fact, ideas/words/arguments are the opposite of harmful because they only serve to help you determine what is true and what if false.

I let CA post not because I agree with him, but because talking about his ideas, and providing grounds for dismissing what is false, helps us to meander toward truth.

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