Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yeshiva World's latest scoop

Kosher Cheesburgers

And as you would expect, YW's commenting community is largely opposed, and on grounds that are specious, judgmental, and stupid. A sampling:

Do we have to be like goyim in e/t we do!!! we copy the way they dress do we also have to eat what they eat?
Comment by yeshivah bach

True, true. And because non-Jews eat milk, chicken, ice cream, and vegetables, I propose these items be stricken from the Jewish menu. We should eat like Abraham did, so no kugel, no cholent, and no sour sticks either. Additionaly, my informers tell me that non-Jews wear pants and many live in houses, so if you see a man wearing rags bedding down for the night on Ave J don't curl your nose up in disgust. Instead, say a prayer of thanksgiving that such authentic, torah true Jews live among us.

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