Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Art imitates life

My dear friend Chayim G is offended by the video of the dancing hasidim, which is being used by Yes, an Israeli company, to hawk high definition television. He says the spectacle of cavorting Hasidim is sick. Self hating. To which I responded:

Are you off your meds? Don't haredim like to sing and dance? Don't they frequently protest what the rest of us find innocuous? Its called parody and this one is mad clever

However, never let it be said that DovBear is less than sensitive to the needs of his fellow Jews, and/or Chayim G. So, with a prayer that this might quell Chayim's nervous stomach, I offer a link to a discussion of a planned haredi riot, one that (a) serves no commercial purpose; and (b) contains absolutely no singing or dancing

Free translation of the pertinent bits:
With the upcoming Chanuka vacation coming up, some of the more extreme Chareidi residents of Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet and Mea Shearim will be "egging" tourists that come to visit their neighborhoods. Big crowds of secular Jews, dressed in provocative clothes are the target, as the pashkevils scream Yevanim Nikbetzu Allai -- the Greeks (ie Hellenists) gathered around me....and everyone is urged to help get rid of the crowds via eggs, fully loaded diapers, etc.

Better, big guy?

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