Thursday, February 09, 2006

Now, it gets serious

I was only kidding around earlier this week when, in a flash of unrivaled arrogance, I created DovBear's Hall of Fame, and foolishly tried to list every single commenter in creation.

Now, however, an enterprising young man has gone and created a sidebar badge (left) so I guess it's official: I have a Hall of Fame.


Ok, first order of business, I suppose, is to initiate a charter class. Should I select blogs that are worthy (like Hirhurim) blogs that might pay me for the privilege (like Ezzie) or blogs that might actually put the badge on their blogs (like GodolHador)?

Okay. Got it. Here's what we'll do:

Today, I am going to name a charter class. All of the members of this first class meet the following conditions:

(1) They are older than me
(2) They have been good to DovBear
(3) They make a good read
(4) They are not Robbie.

In the far-off future, when I can't think of anything to blog about, I'll name some new members, for any reason I choose. But here's the key and very important thing: If you ever get named to the Hall and you don't put the badge on your blog (or pay me) I will feed you to Toby Katz ritually expel you from the Hall in a gothic ceremony involving bonfires, animal sacrifice, and branding irons. Ok? Good.

In the name of the blog, I am pleased to introduce the first inductees into the DovBear Hall of Fame:

ChayyeiSarah (token girl)
Hirhurim (token nerd)
Velveteen Rabbi (token irreligious Jew)
Psychotoddler (token bass player)
MoChassid (token Hassid. [Admit it Mo: This is better than getting honored by Ohel, right?])
Burry Katz (token lunatic)
Mis-Nagid (token atheist)
BlogHd (token father/daughter team)
RenReb (token RenReb)