Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Yesterday's post about my belief in revelation (the one that was well-liked by everyone from RenReb to Suomynona to JesusGirl to Ezzie to Mar Gavriel to Naphtuli (and others who I have left out: Sorry in advance.)) appears to have made the fake Godol Hador a wee bit jealous. ("How dare someone other than me write a well-received post on hashkafa") Because not only did he honor my post with one of his lame song parodies, he also misconstrued my argument for the purpose of discrediting it.

In a long sneering post (ridiculed at length in his comment thread) he managed to misrepresent my reasons for including the thoughts of David Hume (despite a sentance in the original post and several comments beneath it where my reasons for mentioning Hume were made clear) and he also made a hash of my conclusion, which wasn't an argument, or a dodge, but an honest attempt simply to explain my continued acceptance of a belief that isn't supported by a deductively valid argument.

Meanwhile GH goes through life telling people that he believe in God because he "experiences" God, seemigly oblivious to the fact the he thinks it is God he experiences, and not Jesus or Baal or the Heaven's Gate, only because of the way he was brought up. That's right folks, the great GH ridicules me for recognizing the influences of upbringing on my belief, when his own belief rests on much the same factors. What a fraud!

And his fraud, oddly, was enabled in the comment thread by none other than Mis-nagid(!) self-professed chief atheist of the Internet. As Alex asked on my own thread: "I never understood why Mis-nagid always attacks DB when DB is being skeptical. Perhaps Mis-nagid still has warm feelings for Orthodoxy and desires to protect it." Another fraud!

GH's display yesterday has me wondering: Did Gosse and Frumteens and Slifkin's enemies really express the ideas GH put in their mouths? Judging from the hatchet job he pulled on me yesterday, I'm not sure. Caveat reader!

[I need to mention that GH and Mis-nagid are both pals of mine (GH gets more links from me than anyone, in fact) so take my critiscm with a bit of salt. All good clean interblog battling]