Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The long promised post on the GMT (gushy-mushy-tushy) theory of souls will be published tomorrow. For those not in the know, the GMT Theory of Souls is how my friend Godol Hador explains his stomach aches and other phenomena.

For example, when a normal person has a kugel-induced bellyache he takes an antacid. Not GH. Instead, our great skeptic interprets the gas bubbles as a sign his soul has been "inspired." Puh-leeze. I hope to explain why this conception of souls - an entity capable of interacting with the physical world - is illogical. GH will no doubt shout that if souls can't interact with the physcial world neither can God, but he forgets that God is omnipotent. Does GH think souls are similarly all-powerful? If so, why call them souls? Call them God (and say good-bye to monotheism.)


The much requested post on GWB's mad rush to sell shipping operations at six major U.S. seaports to a business controlled by the United Arab Emirates will appear tomorrow as well.