Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Catch of the day!

Hannidate is an Online-Dating-Service for Conservatives, a place where those of you who vote GOP can go to find your soul mates.

Here is today's Hannidate catch of the day (all errors are SIC)
General Information
I have a lot of muney because I am a fund raser for the Repubican party heer in the hert of dixy which is Alabama. I need a nice gurl to spent in on bying nice stuffs.

I'm tall and taned from werkin on my land. My best featuresis my large head full of blond hare. I weer reely consevetive cloths like rebel flag shirts & hats, and bluegenes.

Looking for
Lookin fer a hot young conservative honey - like a hootersgurl. She's gotta accept the Lord as her savyour. She's gotta like hunting - maybe goin on ham shootsor deer huntin.If they live in north Alabama or Tennessee, or Missipippi would be ok - my Ford f-100 leeks alot of oil & needs atranmision & can't go to far
Note: I'm reasonablly certain this is a hoax, but who can tell?

[Hat-tip: JG]